Intelligent inspection robot for underground tunnels

Intelligent inspection robot for underground tunnels

The underground tunnel system whose main component is municipal pipe network is a key part in today's urban construction. An intelligent inspection robot for tunnels is a platform developed for online detection of underground tunnels.

The robot has five key functions, namely, monitoring the operation state of the cables in tunnels, monitoring the environment in cable tunnels, multi-sensor linkage in cable tunnels, and security of cable tunnels and a call platform. It has fully enhanced the convenience and efficiency for the administrative department to identify the working environment of underground pipelines, evaluate their working state, and manage safety issues.

Monitoring and alarm

It can realize such functions as environmental monitoring of cable tunnels, fire alarm, video monitoring, and emergency call, with a protection grade as high as IP54.

Inspection and security

It can inspect and make safety checks regularly and on fixed points under various tasks. Additionally, it can monitor and supervise key parts and equipment. In case of a low battery, a link failure, and an abnormality, it will return to be charged and maintained automatically.

Integrated control system

The distributed devices in tunnels are linked with the inspection robot to form an integrated control system, which can apply real-time control on fireproof doors and reduce the occurrence rate of accidents in tunnels.

Image processing technology

Equipped with a video sensor, it can monitor the water level of the tunnel.

Infrared intelligent extraction technology

Equipped with an infrared sensor, it can measure temperatures online for cable connectors, grounding wires, and maintenance boxes.

Environment detection technology

Sensors for gas, temperature, humidity, and smog


Detection of cable equipment in tunnelsMonitoring the environment in tunnelsMulti-sensor linkage in tunnelsSecurity alarmEmergency call

System Management

• Collection and processing of condition data for tunnels

• Monitoring and filing of cable state systems

• Failure warning in the operation of cables

• Optimizing scheduling decisions

Integrated control and management

Based on the intelligent inspection robot system for cable tunnels, it can achieve integrated control of tunnels, data management data, and the municipal O & M platform. Based on the PMS interface, it can achieve integrated control of the entire cable tunnel.

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