Power Sector

Intelligent inspection UAV

Intelligent inspection UAV

With the functions of UAV (such as planning of inspection routine, data collection, intelligent analysis, and prediction), UAV is used to perform an intelligent inspection of electric transmission lines and towers in place of manual labor. Meanwhile, big data technology is applied to provide decision support for inspection arrangement and management.

Designed with a six-axis 17-inch propeller, the UAV has a high flight efficiency, a large load capacity, and is highly safe and reliable. In addition, it features a foldable body structure, an all-enclosed waterproof shell, and a protection grade of IP54.
With high control accuracy of the flight course, it flies smoothly and steadily. With a lightweight and convenient body, it can take off and land vertically in very narrow spaces.
Controlling its flight is simple and reliable. Meanwhile, it is easy and safe to take off and retrieve. Equipped with an automatic driving unit, it has made flight control more stable. The modular design of tasks and load makes it convenient to replace.


Intelligent inspection of overhead transmission lines

When it comes to power inspection, the intelligent inspection UAV for overhead transmission lines presents a new way of thinking.

• High stability and load

• The planning of the inspection route can set 200 waypoints

• Data acquisition forms a big data platform

• Intelligent analysis and prediction

Objects of intelligent inspection for overhead transmission lines

• Wires of overhead transmission lines

• Insulators

• Fittings

• Tower body

• Conditions of access

• Surrounding environment

Introduction to functions of intelligent inspection UAV for overhead transmission lines

• Live detection of overhead transmission lines and towers

• Comparison of states of tower equipment

• Reproducing the real environment of overhead transmission lines

• Aiding decisions

• Analysis and alarm

Multi-stage platform: Solutions of streamlined inspection for transmission lines

Based on the intelligent inspection UAV platform for transmission lines and technologies (such as wireless transmission, and computer and data analysis), it can perform multi-stage management of ground base stations, a data management platform, and a data analysis and processing platform. Based on the PMS interface, it can achieve the intelligent O & M of transmission lines of the whole city and whole province.

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