Power Sector

It is the best platform to achieve lean management of power distribution stations.

Intelligent inspection robot for power distribution station

It can perform remote routine inspections in place of manual labor, carry out special inspections and customized inspections under accidents and special conditions, and realize remote online monitoring. While saving manual labor, it can significantly enhance the content and frequency of O & M and change traditional modes of O & M.

The core goal of lean management for power distribution stations is to fully realize their detection, monitoring, security, and management.

Intelligent inspection robot for power distribution station

  • Reducing costs and enhancing efficiency

    Inspecting power distribution stations is time consuming and labor intensive for workers, while the robot can shorten each inspection to approximately two hours and realize unmanned operations.
  • Real-time control

    The operating state and environment of equipment in the power distribution station are under online monitoring, so that the power distribution station shifts from an incontrollable state to a real-time control state.
  • Inspection strategy

    Regular inspection and special inspection (summer peak, winter peak, and power-off protection) are carried out to detect abnormalities promptly.
  • Control platform

    Interaction and interconnection between terminals of each station enable collected data to be uploaded to the municipal level server synchronously in real time and the data of municipal level server to be retrieved by the provincial level platform.

Unprecedented internationally

The internationally unprecedented inspection robot for power distribution stations is suitable for all types of power distribution stations. A single robot can be installed, disassembled, and transferred quickly and be shared by several power distribution stations. It can carry out customized tasks, such as routine inspections and special inspections (summer peak, winter peak, and power-off protection) to detect any abnormality in time. It adopts big data to guide the production, operation, and maintenance of distribution network based on customized tasks, thereby achieving uninterrupted high-frequency inspections 24/7.

Highly intelligent

Software system collects inspection data and aids decision-making. With multi-sensor integrated technology and precise positioning technology, it can inspect power distribution stations in place of manual labor. Equipped with an expert system, it is interconnected with a power monitoring system (PMS) to enhance the level of lean management. In case of a low battery, a link failure, and an abnormality, it will automatically return for charging and maintenance.

Image processing and infrared extraction

Equipped with a visible light sensor, it can realize such functions as identifying the readings of various meters and the judging of dislocation of switches. Equipped with an infrared sensor, it can realize the function of measuring the temperature of transformer heads, as well as inlet and outlet wires of cabinets.

Partial discharge and detection

Equipped with a partial discharge sensor, it can realize the function of online partial discharge detection of high-voltage switch cabinets. Environment monitoring technology, when linked with the equipment of power distribution stations, can monitor the environment in the station.

Key functions

Identification of switch positions for power distribution stationsLive detection (visible light, infrared, and partial discharge)Intelligent environment monitoringSecurity alarmCall platform

Integrated control and management

Based on the intelligent inspection robot platform and systems (such as environment sensor, integrated environment control, and access control security), it can achieve the integrated control and management from power distribution stations to municipal level O & M platform. Based on the PMS interface, it can perform the integrated control of the entire station and provide intelligent O & M solutions.

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